A Note to Contributors

OUTREACH is a multi-disciplinary Research Journal of V.O.Chidambaram College, Thoothukudi which provides space for all the members of the faculties in our college to promote their research articles.

Submission of Manuscripts: Manuscript should be submitted in A4 Size single side, 1.5 spaced using Arial Font 12 point, as M.S. Word file and not exceeding 6 pages and a Compact Disc containing the article.
            The article should conform to the following format recommended by the board of editors.
Parenthetical citation in the text :
            For Humanities :
                            Author’s Name, Space, Page No. or Page No. alone in case, the author included in the running text.
            For Science :
                            Author’s Name, year of publication and Page No. or Year of Publication and Page No.
References :
            It should be listed alphabetically under the title Works Cited at the end of the article, conforming to the format given below:
            For Book :       
                            Author(s) Name, Name of the Book (Underlined),
                            Place of Publication : Name of the Press, Year of Publication
                            Eg. Silver, Lee M. Remaking Eden : Cloning and Beyond in a Brave_World. New York : Avon Printer, 2008
            For a Paper in a Journal :
                            Author(s) Name, Title of the Paper, Name of the Journal                                                             (underlined) Publication Information (The Volume No., the year of publication (in parenthesis) : the inclusive page numbers)
                             Eg. Hanks, Patrick,. “Do word Meanings Exist?” Computers and Humanities 34 (2000) : 201 – 15
            For Documents / Articles from Internet Sources
                             Author(s) name, Title, Publishing Date, Date of Access, URL
                             Eg. Ross, Don. “Game Theory”, 11 Sept. 2001. Stanford u. 1 Oct.                                                                  2002 http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/game-theory/
            The editors reserve the rights to edit articles. The individual / authors are responsible for the facts, figures and views presented by them in their articles.
Articles may be sent to :
            The Principal, V.O.C.College, Thoothukdi - 628008